setiherder is a GTK+ interface to help manage your herds of SETI@home clients. That is to say, it can control all of your SETI@home client sessions running on different UNIX-like machines. It starts and stops them at your command, displays their output in a convenient format, can restart them when they die unexpectedly, keeps track of your overall progress, etc..

Other SETI frontends

This program was inspired by Andy Sloane's ncurses program, setiview, and the fact that I found checking and restarting all my screened setiview sessions on 20 different machines to be an onerous chore.

setiherder was developed on Linux, and has also been tested on AIX 4.x. I'd be delighted to hear how things go for you on other OSes, but I don't currently have access to any others myself.

As noted in the README, to use setiherder, you must have a way of non-interactively spawning processes on remote hosts (ssh, rsh, etc.) and GTK 1.2 if you wish to build it yourself. There can be a little bit of setup overhead involved in this system, but I think it's worth it.

Vote for the features you'd like to see in new versions of setiherder!

News: (06/16/2000)

pre-0.3a snapshot, use this, it's better.
(also added '-verbose' flag to setid for seti@home v3 clients.)


Source archive: setiherder-PRE2-0.2b.tar.gz 76.5 Kb
Static Binaries
Linux 2.2 setiherder-0.1b-static-linux2.2-i386.tar.gz 1.8 Mb
AIX 4.3.x * setiherder-0.1b-static-aix4.3-rs6000.tar.gz 1.24 Mb
..more to come..

* This is a semi-static build -- glib, gtk, etc are statically linked, but the standard system libs are not. You can also obtain installp packages of GTK from

Brian Naylor, <>