Domain registration

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You can also manage existing domains at OpenSRS directly.

Payment information

We do not do this for profit; we do this as a service for friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. All of this comes out of our pockets. We are not a business, nor do we want to be (which is why we do not take credit cards -- we want neither the hassle nor the responsibility of handling your financial data.)

How this works:

We prepay OpenSRS in bulk for a bunch of domains and slowly chip away at our account as people request registrations. When ordering a domain, use the forms above to put your request in the queue, and then send payment to cover the costs using Paypal.

As of November 2018, the base costs are:

  • net: $15 per year
  • com: $12 per year
  • org: $15 per year
  • ca: $15 per year
  • cn: $15 per year
  • de: $8 per year
  • uk: $17 per two years
  • us: $10 per year
  • me: $20 per year
  • other: please ask

Please account for the fact that Paypal skims 2.9% + 30c per receiving transaction - ($0.59 out of $10).

If you want to tack on a little extra for infrastructure costs we certainly won't complain. Our Paypal address is