July 27, 2006

And people wonder why I hate Fedora...

So I'm mucking about at work with the pam_pkcs11 module from the OpenSC project. I have it working on Ubuntu Dapper, but RedHat has patched it to use NSS instead of OpenSSL. I tried to port over the patches, but included in them are some pam'ish stuff that's specific to 0.99, and Ubuntu is still on pam 0.7x.

But that's not why I hate Fedora.

I spent some time looking to see if I could backport it to 0.7x, decided that was too much work, and also determined that updating Ubuntu to 0.99 wasn't feasible.

That's not why I hate Fedora either.

So I downloaded Fedora Core 5 and installed it on this laptop I have. But this laptop only has a wireless network it can use. I've got a Cisco a/b/g card that uses the common Atheros chipset. This card uses the madwifi drivers. Since Atheros chips are one of the most common chips on the market, Ubuntu includes that driver on the single install CDROM. ~600MB of space, and they had the intelligence to include it.

The Fedora Core install image is over 3GB in size.

With no madwifi driver.

600MB, madwifi driver. 4x that space, no madwifi driver.

That's why I hate Fedora.

Posted by cerebus at July 27, 2006 3:55 PM