October 22, 2005

Old friends, new friends

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This is Popcorn.  We lost Popcorn to renal failure this week.  She was somewhere between 19 and 21 years old.  We'd been treating her with IV fluids at home (M. is studying to be a vet tech), but we knew it was finally her time when she stopped purring (never stopped once while she was with us, until the end) and her appetite finally left her.

Goodbye, Popcorn.

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Our newest family member, Crockett.  Crockett is an 8-year-old Irish Setter mix M. rescued from the vet hospital where she's now working as a receptionist.  The county took Crockett and his sister Lady away from their family after their owner's husband shot him with a shotgun for allegedly attacking a deer.  Supposedly this happened after an argument between the owner and her husband.  Crockett took at least three pellets to the head, including one that passed through his right eye, destroying the retina.

His sister, Lady, was taken in by a relative, but they couldn't take them both.  M. took him home when the vet hospital failed to place him after nearly six weeks.  Apparently no-one wants a half-blind old dog these days.

Now, I don't know about the deer, but Crockett is the most affectionate dog I've ever met.  He's extremely playful for a dog his age, and if you pat him he'll lean into you and put his head in your lap.

Welcome, Crockett.

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