June 26, 2004

Shades of Parties Past

I learned earlier today that a relative by marriage here in the sovereign State of Texas has registered as a Republican but votes a straight Democratic ticket in every election.


Because she's a schoolteacher, and is afraid of being targeted at work or even losing her job.

I know her fear, as I contract to the armed wing of the Republican Party (otherwise known as the DoD), and I feel it every day at work. It's not the stabbing fear of hearing someone behind you in a secluded area on the bad side of town-- it's a low grade, gnawing, barely registering kind of fear. The kind that makes you hesitate before expressing an opinion. The kind that makes you avoid certain subjects with people you don't know well.

That kind of fear.

I wish my wife's paternal grandfather was still alive. Her family emigrated from Germany in the early 50's, as part of a refugee relief program. I'd like to ask him one question--

Is this what it felt like in '36?

Posted by cerebus at June 26, 2004 3:13 PM